When the amazonas basin is flood during the rainy season all snakes travel thru branches searching for ther pray. Amazonas, Brasil.
This sloth reaches out to an imaginary tree, a riminder of how much damage humans are making to the rain forest. Amazonas, Peru
Yucatan, MExico
Mara, Liebre Patagonica
Caminos de Yucat
The yellow billed hornbill will be present in your trip thur the kruger National Park
Guess who is under the water. Missis Hipo. The day was so hot that it barly left this position for hours. Kruger National Park, South Africa.
he start tasting his meal without lossing the visual on the hungry visitors
Amazing Emperor pinguins come ever year to Tierra del Fuego's shore to start a new breading season.
Buteo polysoma, PAtagonia Argentina
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